Sunday, November 1, 2009

love candle spells

In previous pages I warned against a certain type of light approaches involving individuals that would improvise love spells, usually with candles, based solely on a strong emotional impulse. Now, REAL love candle spell works, but in order for it to work, this magic must follow very strict and precise laws. As you will understand as you progress in the lecture on these lines, I could have titled this page "invocation magic" - because that is what candle spelling really is.

First rule of all is the moon, and this does not relate only to candle magic: it is valid for all magical acts. Generally speaking, magic is to be done when the moon is waxing. More specifically, magic aimed to build, attract or create must be performed when the moon is waxing, and magic to dissolve, destroy and repel must happen when the moon is waning. The moon is actually the physical manifestation of Yesod, which in the quabalistic tree of live canalizes all the other sephira into Malkut (our physical plane). This means that every sephira must travel through Yesod and thorugh its physical manifestation (the moon); hence, the status of the moon modifies and conditions all operations and communications, and therefore no operation is to be performed on new moons, as the mentioned link is absent.

Rule number two, especially appropriate in this case, is the Law of Analogy. Remember that As Above, So Below. With candle magic, what we are aiming at is at building a micro-cosmos and introducing in it some changes that will be reflected into the macro-cosmos, and as such, into our lives. This Law of Analogy has a number of applications, from colors to numbers: we are aiming at addressing the Sphere of Venus within our love magic act (because it is the more appropriate one), hence the ritual must last for seven days, as this is the number of this particular sphere. For the same reason, the ritual must start on a Friday, as this is the day that corresponds to Venus. To make these choices simpler, please consult my lunar calendar in my appendix.

Colors will have their importance as well: divine candles are to be white, candles representing individuals will be colored depending on the astrological sign of the people they are standing for. Candles representing certain actions or feelings will be of the color of the nature of that action. Their places will be important as well, not to mention their motion: if we want two people to approach each other, their candles will be moving towards each other during the 7 days of the ritual, until they eventually meet on the last day.

And finally, what really empowers the ritual are two remaining elements: the invocation of a force or of an Intelligence, and the corresponding words of power. For the later, I find it very convenient and powerful to use parts of the Song of Solomon. This biblical text is embedded with a strong love emanation, and reciting it will put this power into place in our micro-cosmos, and eventually into our macro-cosmos. Regarding the entity to be invoked, in this case I go with a specific and powerful intelligence that is very willing to act on the background of each individual to allow for love improvements; It is a ruler of the Sphere of Venus and belongs to the rank of Archangels.

So, a ritual to cast love (or lust/attraction) on a specific person - or just to bring love into one´s lonely life-, would be as such:

The person will have prepared for around 10 days prior to a Friday evening when the moon will be waxing for the following entire week. He will have had a light diet, preferably with no meat, and definitly with no meat at all during the previous two days, that is from Wednesday. This applies too to alcohol, tobacco and sexual activity of any kind. The goal of this protocol is to have an etheric envelope as thin and light as possible, and not to add further obstacles to an already delicate operation.

The operator will have prepared a set of candles and oiled them to embed his or her intentionality: in this case, as the purpose of them all is to attract, they will have been oiled downwards. Divine candles, candles representing himself, and his or her feelings, candles representing his or her aimed person and the later feelings and a candle representing a modification request for his karma will all be sitting on his altar, an altar that will be facing west.

The operator will initiate the ritual when the sun has set by performing an analogy of the original act of creation, as the Quabalistic Tree of Life depicts (usually called the Quabalistic Cross). He or she will then perform a purification ritual, also called the banishing of the lower pentagram, that he or she will have been doing as well during his preparation period.
Then he or she will be ready to invoke, that is, to call down, the entity I was referring earlier on, enchant the words of power from the Song of Solomon (the phrases will depend on the gender of the operator) and recreate his or her situation into his/her altar. He/she will perform the ritual at the same time everyday for the following seven days, but each time his or her candles and the ones representing his/her loved one will be moved closer to each other. The candles are to extinguished every day when the ritual is over, but the last one, where they must be left to burn until they are finished.

This ritual works by having a very powerful entity charged with changing one's karmic background in order to allow for the changes introduced in your micro-cosmos (the altar) to happen in the macrocosmos (the operator's life). These changes take some time to happen, but they are permanent. Results manifest most of the time within a couple of months, and in my experience this is a slow process compared to other approaches - but it is definitely effective.


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